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Thread: should I wait for Verizon

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    should I wait for Verizon
    Here's my list of pros and cons. I'm completely torn, so hopefully you can offer me some good advise and news with credible sources.
    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I couldn't find a "Market Place" section on this site.
    1. Although I love the iPhone, I'm a loyal Verizon Wireless customer and have absolutely no interest in switching to AT&T.
    2. I currently own an iMac with Snow Leopard and I have a MobileMe account, so the partnership capabilities with a iPhone are very intriguing, but still not enough to convince me to switch to AT&T.
    3. There may be hope . . . from the rumors I've read, Verizon may soon carry an "iPhone" like device at some point next year. Especially since they are currently running LTE trials in Seattle and Boston.
    4. However, with the most recent rumor I've read, when Apple does release their "tablet" product, AT&T will most likely be the company offering the device. This is very discouraging, and doesn't give me much hope at this point.
    5. Now that the 3rd Generation iPod Touch is available, I am leaning towards this as an alternative, something to hold me over.
    6. I've been told that the iPod Touch will work with around 95% of the apps available with the iPhone (other than GPS).
    7. However, the 3rd Gen iPod Touch doesn't have a camera as expected and it would be just like Apple to release one right after I buy the one without
    8. I have no idea what the battery life is like on the Touch. If it's anything like the iPhone, I think I may pass.
    9. I'd absolutely hate to throw down $299 + AppleCare + accessories + apps, etc., just to find out that an Apple branded phone for Verizon was just a few months away.

    Can anyone convince me to keep my money for now and continue holding my breath for just a little longer . . . . or should I just bite the bullet and get myself a new Touch?

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    Nobody knows for certain whether Verizon will be getting an iPhone anytime soon, if ever. Initial reports put the exclusivity contract at five years, which if true means that AT&T gets to keep the iPhone till 2012. Let's assume it's three years, that would put it off till mid-2010 before the contract is over. This doesn't mean Verizon will get the iPhone as it is highly unlikely that Apple will make a CDMA iPhone and definitely not an LTE phone since it's a very new technology that hasn't even been released yet; with little LTE coverage, you wouldn't benefit from Verizon's network in the least bit.

    I'd say it's going to be several years before Verizon is going to get the iPhone, if it ever will. You're definitely better off getting an iPod touch rather than waiting a long time for Verizon to get the iPhone.

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    1) Then don't buy an iPhone.
    2) Then don't buy an iPhone.
    3) Rumors are Rumors.
    4) Rumors are Rumors.
    5) You'll be waiting a long time.
    6) True.
    7) The don't buy an iPod Touch.
    8) Neither do I.
    9) Then don't buy an iPhone.

    Stop looking for excuses. If it's not what you want, don't buy one. Period.

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    Why not just stick with a Verizon device? they have excellent coverage and a large selection of phones, the BB Tour is really nice.

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