So let me tell you my story...

I had an iTrip Auto (2007) from Griffin and it worked well for about 1 year or 2. I just recently upgraded from a 2GB 2 gen nano to a 120GB iPod classic. The iTrip worked extremely well with the new iPod and worked just as well with the old iPod. Just yesterday, the new iPod quit and I couldn't turn it back on. On my way home from school, I put it on the iTrip in order for it to charge in case the battery was dead. When I got home, the iPod was EXTREMELY hot and it was obvious that something was internally wrong. So long story short, apple is fixing my new iPod and after using my old nano for not even a day, I've discovered that the iTrip is what killed both of my iPods and it's now broken for good.

So my question is...what's the best FM transmitter that charges an iPod? Is there anyone out there who's had the same transmitter for over a year with no problems? (I understand that static tends to be a problem already) Also, is their anything I can do to prevent this from happening again from whichever transmitter I end up buying?

Thanks very much in advance!