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    A Tale of a man and his quest for an Ipod
    People of mac-forums, a new Ipod related website has been launched !! Please check it out. I know my story is quite long, but it's a good read. There is a lot of interesting stuff for people who really aren't farmiliar with the Ipod, and I hope my story allows people to learn from my mistakes.

    There is a forum, sections to submit your own reviews, sections to submit your own stories, and plenty more to come. I just launched it, so give it a few until I finalize everything. I hope this website can grow into a great community like the one you have here. Enjoy!

    Please refer this to your friends, and place a link to my website on all the other iPod forums you are on, as that is the only way to make my website grow.

    (obviously, I'm not quite as rich as these forums owner, and hence the really, really crappy URL If anyone can help me out with a server, it would be greatly appreciated. Email me at . Thanks.

    Note : I don't expect everyone to appreciate my thoughts on Apple. Please try and keep an open mind while reading my stuff.

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    I am keeping an open mind, when I say very strange site

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    I agree with rman..

    and with an open mind.. there is no content that would keep me comming back time and time again... sry, but I don't know how many people want to hear about your iPod.. IMHO

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    Wow very interesting.. I keep hearing horror stories about Apple's support.. i think Im just plain lucky that I have never had to deal with them then. Although it's strange that he would be cursing Apple for not having PC support.. especially when Apple has 100x the support for PC's then PC;s have for the Mac.. interesting read otherwise

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    obviously, I'm not quite as rich as these forums owner, and hence the really, really crappy URL
    I wish!
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    You know, you onlyl hear terrible stories about Mac's support because their the only ones that post about Apple support. If I get something done right by Apple support I'm not going to post and praise what they did. I'm just going to asume that they did their job and everyone knows this.


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    I hope you didn't molest the poor iPod, lol j/k.. I will be checking back on your site.. Even though it kinda scares me at first.

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