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    The new Shuffle - headphones?
    I would love to try one of the latest iPod Shuffles - the tiny ones.

    Unfortunately, I cannot use the earbud type of headphones - for some reason my ears are the wrong shape and none of them will stay in place in my ears.

    This is not too much of a problem with most iPods - even my iPhone can be used with a extension lead which has a microphone and a mute/accept call button on it.

    I have seen a couple of options for the new Ipod Shuffle - one which fits like a sleeve over the iPod and one which seems to be an extension lead, like the one for the iPhone, although I assume it has different buttons than that one.

    Does anyone have any experience with these please? Anyone else have to use headphones that hook over the ears, or normal headphones due to the bud things not staying in?

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    YES, i felt alone haha. I really want to get the new version 2gb shuffle, but if I cannot use other headphones, it may be out of the question.

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    i use Belkin's adapter ($20 full retail) that allows any headphone to connect. It has the controller on it like the apple brand that comes with the shuffle. I like skullcandy ear phones for sound quality and the fact that every model comes with 3 sizes of adapters so you can get a very good fit. Mine haven't fallen out while running or jumping rope. In any case, whatever your choice for headphones the belkin adapter allows you to use any.

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