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    Question iPOD Shuffle and Power Saving??

    I just have a quick question...

    If the shuffle is playing music, and you press the play/pause button to pause the music, does the shuffle shut-off after a few minutes? Or do you have to manipulate the slider on the back to turn it off?

    I couldn't find this information anywhere...



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    It most likely goes into sleep mode (which is untechnically off) Off is for when you want the battery to really stay (Hold makes the orange button light up, etc) I occasionally shut my shuffle off but usually I just press pause and after a minute it stops blinking and I leave it and the battery is fine..

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    Don't mean to sound stupid or patronising, but what on earth is it going to be doing?

    It has no screen, and no hard drive, so apart from accessing the memory, outputting music to the earbuds and illuminating an LED, what else does it do to draw power?

    Flash memory does not need power to hold it's memory, and so i would say that if it's not outputting to anything, it may as well be in a "sleep" mode.

    Either way, you can be **** sure it's not going to be using much more power than when it's turned off by the switch on the back.

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