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    My ipod touch... is it dead or is it in need of a new battery?
    hello, i have an Ipod touch and i have had it for about 3 years now.

    and recently it has started to play up and now its finally died--ish.

    first it started by freezing itself, this only happened about 3/4 times, then it had a tendency to switch itself on and off and back to the home screen, as if the buttons were jammed. this kept on going from a full battery untill the battery ran out. then it fixed itself and worked fine for a few days and now i can not charge it up, it just wont get past past the 20 percent mark...

    the problem being that the warranty has worn out and after paying out 200 odd pounds for an ipod touch i do expect it to last a heller lot longer than 3 years... it hasn't been mistreated at all, im just slightly disappointed really.

    so what should i do???

    cheers pete

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    Replace the battery with a third party service or on your own.
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    Yeah, that sounds like a dead battery, and not the iPod itself. If it were the iPod, you would (I think...) be able to open iTunes and restore your iPod. If you haven't tried that at all, I would do that. But if it's the battery, then Eric559 hit the nail on the head. This video shows you how to take apart your iPod touch.

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