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    Question 8gb nano has 1gb of music and 7gb of other?
    The nano says its full when i try to add more music. The details of space used show 7GB of "other" . I am not aware of adding anything but music, shown as around 1GB of space used. There are no photos, videos or anything else added. The ipod seems to have 3 games on it, there as standard when i purchased it, not sure if its these taking up all of the space and if so how can i delete them?

    Any help appreciated. Thanks. Esmerelda.

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    Just go through iTunes and check off the stuff you want to put on the iPod and then sync it. That should remove anything you do not have checked in iTunes.

    Worst case, try a restore and then sync.
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    Thanks that sounds really helpful, will give it a go. Appreciate you replying.

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