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    Apple Educational Store - iPod Touch Offer ends Sept. 8th
    You'll all know that Apple's currently enticing students to buy a MacBook/Pro for university by offering huge discounts on iPods when bought with them through the education store.

    What I find interesting, however, is that this offer ends on September 8th - the day before the keynote speech, during which we anticipate the announcement of some new iPods and additions to iTunes.

    I just wonder why Apple is ending the offer - in an attempt to sell off as much of their soon-to-be last generation stock as possible? Or perhaps because the new iPods will not be economically viable to give away? Or (and I really hope this is the case, although there is not a jot of evidence to suggest that this will happen) because they're going to drop the price of the current stock of MacBooks/Pro or upgrade them in some way?


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    Selling off current stock to make way for the new lineup is generally the reason Apple has done this for the last several years.

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    that would make the most sense..

    or it could just mean that people are already in school by then

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