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Thread: ipod white screen

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    ipod white screen
    Hi all
    i am a newbie
    my mac ipod 30gb has suddenly got a white screen i cant do a thing with it.
    when i hold the middle and menu buttons down it comes on but then there is this wherring sound as if its coming on then its stops as tho its stuck. iv also held the middle and left buttons down i get this ping sound as i am told you should , but then that noise again . occasionally a song will play via headphones and docking station but its the same song . plugged it into laptop and nothing. plz can you help!!!

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    Is it an older iPod?

    If it makes a strange sound it might be the little hard drive inside acting up, however it is hard to say anything for sure.

    Seems like you have done the things you should do when it starts acting up. Maybe someone else have other suggestions other than bringing it in for service?
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    Give it a gentle tap on the side. Seriously, my 60 GB pod gets stuck sometimes and a gentle tap on my knee gets it going.
    It's a sticking HD. Not much you can do to fix it, but this may work.
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