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Thread: copying music von iPod to iTunes with counter, rate, etc

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    copying music von iPod to iTunes with counter, rate, etc
    hi there

    some month ago, when i bought my iPod photo, i thought, that i just add the music to the iPod and than ears it on iTunes.
    while i'm at home, i'll plug the iPod anyway with the computer.

    so, i dont have the songs on the harddisk AND the iPod.

    well, now, i think this was a mistake.

    i should have the songs also on the iTunes (harddisk), to burn the songs, to stream songs, and use it for other iLife apps.

    well, i copied all the songs with senuti from my iPod to iTunes, and this did work well.
    but what i'm really missing is the "counter", the rating, comments, which are on the DB file and not in the IDv3 tags.

    is there a possibility to copy these infos (rating, counter, comment) to iTunes??

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    I might be able to help you if I had any idea what your talking

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    sorry for my english.

    okey, i've got a iPod, and i've got a G5 (my baby...).

    i have all my music files on the iPod, but NOT on the G5.

    because i have all the files on the iPod, i'm not able to share via rendevouz, nor to burn CDs, nor to use them in iPhoto or something.

    well, now i want to copy the music from the iPod to the G5.

    thats not the problem, i know programms, that just copy all the files from iPod to a folder. than i could import them to iTunes.

    but what I want, is, that i can keep the informations like the Counter (how many time's did i play this song), the rating.

    is there a possibility to copy the musig from iPod to iTunes WITH rating, and counter?

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