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    Ipod crashes Itunes
    I have had a new iPod classic 120gb since April and it has been working fine, but as of last night when updating, it froze my itunes and mac and so i had to restart it. This wiped my ipod, and it allowed me to plug it in and restore it to factory settings, but now everytime i plug it in it automatically starts syncing but after a few songs it always freezes itunes and i have to force close it, I have tried to delete the songs it crashes on, but then it just crashes on something else and means that I cannot put any music on my ipod, and as it automatically starts syncing as soon as i plug it in i cant change any settings or stop it before it freezes.
    Please can anyone help me! Im scared to plug my iPhone in and update that as I am not sure whether it is a iTunes or iPod problem, as my ipod is fine when it is not plugged in, it works, but just has no music or anything on it.


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    I would run some maintenance apps on the mac first

    Give MainMenu a try and start by rubbing a disk repair and permissions repair

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    I tried that but still no luck (Thankyou anyway) , I managed to restore my iPod once again, and now seem to have more control over iTunes but my ipod still stops synchronizing after so many songs and just goes back to the "connected" screen, so I presume it is a problem with the iPod, but as restoring it does nothing does anyone know any other ideas?

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