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    Question iPod & iTunes: The Dilemma I'm Having
    I'm having some growing pains with my iTunes/iPod setup, and I'm hoping I can get some assistance here.

    I have the iPod Classic 120 GB.

    I installed iTunes on my computer, and began uploading my CD's. I noticed that as I uploaded many of my CD's, the tracks wouldn't be neatly listed in the correct folder. Sometimes a track or two from a CD would be missing, and I'd find it in a completely separate folder. The separate folder would be under the name of a producer, or perhaps another artist from that particular track. I guess this had to do with how the listing shows up in the database?

    The bottom line is, when I would upload my CD's, they would seldom be neatly organized in a folder. Sometimes it would be great, but most of the time I was left searching through other folders for a track here or there, and then I'd manually place it in the correct folder.

    A while back, I synced my iPod through iTunes, and everything seemed to go okay, although the missing tracks were still disorganzied on the iPod. Either I just don't get it, and need to learn how to manage things better, and/or, iTunes is truly a piece of junk.

    So, let's say I upload full CD's, and then make some corrections afterwards - such as, placing the missing tracks in the correct folder, and even removing some information, such as underscores in folder titles, etc, to neaten things up a bit. How can I have iTunes ditch what it already has listed, and just read the new file system that I've improved on? Please tell me this is possible! I can't imagine there's no way of doing this.

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    You may have to re-import some of those CDs, especially if you have manually moved them, or re-drag them back in to iTunes - in which case some will still be in odd folders like band feat. other artist

    To get all the tracks on an album in one place you need to use the Album artists tag.

    Lets take an example. I have an album with loads of guest artists, its Version by Mark Ronson

    Most of the tracks Have an artist tag like Mark Ronson Feat. Paul Smith, so by default they each get their own artist folder.

    Select all the tracks in the album and select get info (right click), then put Mark Ronson (or whatever the artist is) in the Album artists tag. Now all tracks in that album will be under one artist
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