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    Ipod with 5 years worth of music wiped after plugging into Windows PC

    my ipod is very important to me and i have owned it for about 5 years, i use a mac at home but am at my mums house for this week where i plugged my ipod into her windows PC.

    the PC restarted for some stupid PC reason (you know how they are) when it came back my ipod had wiped!!! 5 years of music gone!!

    i seem to remember something like this happening before and my music coming back when i plugged it into my mac again.

    will my music be ok? this ipod is VERY important to me, its a 20GB 4G ipod classic witch was given to me by my girlfreind before she died and still had all of her music on it. it and its contents are VERY special to me!!

    please help!

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    You should be ok once you plug back into your mac as your library resides there. It will need to copy everything over again, but all should be OK. I would suggest also that you backup your iTunes data on a regular basis. I backup mine via the backup tool and copy it to an external hard drive.

    Good luck.

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    John just made me think of a question for you. Is the music in itunes on your Mac back home just in case?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnCL View Post
    I would suggest also that you backup your iTunes data on a regular basis. I backup mine via the backup tool and copy it to an external hard drive.
    Absolutely. If you're library is this important to you, I highly suggest you make backups of it if you don't already. If you hard drive were to crash, recovery can be very tough if at all possible.

    If you library is on your Mac, you should be fine as it will sync back when you get home. You can take solace in knowing that your library is on your Mac, you just have to wait until you get home (ie. your content is safe, just not with you).
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