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    Why is iTunes 8 so slow?
    I just downloaded iTunes 8 for use with my 3G iPod. After using iTunes 7 for so long, I'm taken aback by how slow iTunes 8 loads music onto my iPod via dock. It takes 3 minutes to load 8 podcasts! This can't be right, can it?

    It also freezes and crashes when I try to eject the iPod.

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    Odd, I find iTunes 8 significantly faster than iTunes 7 ever was. I have a huge library of both Music and Video (100,000+ Music and 5000+ Video) and it handles them with ease compared to iTunes 7.

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    Agreed with Baggss. I see no slowdown at all on iTunes 8. This is on OSX and not a Windows machine BTW. I have a rather large collection of music also and no issues here including loading music to my iPhone or iPod.

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    If you have a PC that's probably why lol

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