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    Apr 09, 2008
    syncing/freezing problems..
    hey everyone

    i've been having some issues with my ipod lately. a friend recently put around 10GB worth of music on it, and i just today tried to sync it with my itunes. however, the ipod will instantly sync then say "okay to disconnect." but this can't be right, as i've added songs both on my iTunes and iPod since i last synced them. when i first tried to sync it, the ipod just froze. i reset it, tried again, but the ipod just won't properly sync.

    should i just restore it? in a perfect world, i'd want to get the songs my friend added off of my ipod, onto itunes, and have them both sync normally. i'm assuming the problem has to do with my friend adding her songs to it. i guess i could restore the ipod, but i don't want to lose all of the songs i got!

    help? advice? tips?

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    Jun 28, 2009
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    iphone 3gs 16 gb, power book g4 12(soon to be mbp 13) 2009 mac mini 2.26
    are you on mac or pc? if pc download poddox- real easy to use, i dont know any thing for mac

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    Apr 09, 2008
    i'm using a mac..

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