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Thread: iPod Usage

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    iPod Usage
    I'm just curious how people tend to use their iPods. I ask only because I'm curious how important battery life is for people in an iPod. I mean, I use mine all the time, but an hour at a time is pretty unusual, so I only charge it once per week or so. When I'm driving 9 hours in the car, I have it plugged in anyway.

    So basically, are there any people out there who find battery life to actually be an issue with their iPod? It makes sense with computers since people use them for more important, intensive, and longer things. But iPods don't seem to have that problem in my experience.

    (NOTE: I can also see people having similar problems with the iPod Touch since it's so much like a computer and used for so much more than music. So this mostly applies to non-touch iPods.)

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    I actually get excellent battery life with my iPod Touch. I have push on, fetch to 30 minutes, brightness to about 50, and still play some pretty graphic hungry apps and still get pretty good battery life. Not to mention surfing the web and listening to music. I love my ipod and only wish the battery life i have now will last forever lol

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