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    Ipod not showing in iTunes or Finder.
    The hard drive on my 5th G 30GB iPod died and I brought a new one and swapped it out. Now when it is not connected to my mac it displays message "connect to your computer. Use iTunes to restore." For about 5 seconds before turning itself off. When I plug it into my Mac, it shows a "Do not disconnect." message, but does not show up in iTunes or the Finder. It is showing up in System profiler though, but not in Disc Utility. I don't know where to go with this, is anybody able to help me please??!!

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    1. Quit and reopen iTunes.
    2. Try again
    3. If that does not work, shut down machine
    4. Turn machine back on.
    5. Try again.
    Chris K.

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    Have you tried the 5Rs? Reset, retry, restart, reinstall and restore?

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