Back when I jb'd my iPod Touch I had an app that let me arrange my apps into folders on my home screen, it started to annoy me as it was so slow to open the folders, so I uninstalled the app, but before I manually had to 'empty' the folders otherwise what was inside would disappear too, looks like I forgot to take the FB app out of one of the folders, so it dissappeared.
It didnt bother me back then cause I rarely used it. This was about a year and a half ago. When the 2.0 update was released, I bought that and upgraded from 1.1.4 straight to 2.0
Now, I install facebook app again from app store, it shows up until I sync, then disappears, but it still is installed, so I uninstall and reinstall and its there, but keeps disappearing whenever I sync or just at random times.

Any ideas of how I can get the app to stay permanently? Im thinking of restoring then updating to 3.0 anyway, this will probably be the best option, although all the music I have on my iPod isnt on my macbook, what (free) programs do you suggest to either copy the music, or an 'image' of the music to my mac, so I can put it back on after I restore and upgrade to 3.0?