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    Cheap place for iPod?
    I'm thinking about buying an iPod, probably the 10gb.

    Something I could listen to while I'm at work stocking shelves and such, I'll probably have to see if it's even aloud.

    But anyways, where I can I get them for pretty cehap? What all accessories do I need? On the Apple Site they had one refurbished for $170 but without the Dock? What's the Dock for? I mean, do I need it all that bad or does it just make it easier to...?



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    The dock is urterly useless. I have a 3rd gen 30 GB iPod. I take that back. The dock would be cool if you are going to use your iPod with your stereo system, or whatever. But for putting it next to your computer, it is useless. When it is in "player" mode, IE able to read the MP3/AAC's off of it, it displays no usefull information. The only thing it says in this state is "Charging - Do Not Remove" or something to that effect. There some cools cases out there that actually are stands as well. Check out ( I think that is their site ). Don't fret over the docl. I don't need it, and the only reason I use it, is because it came with it. Otherwise I would be using a case/stand combo.

    Just my thoughts....
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