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    Recharge when connected to PC/Mac

    I'm a relative noob to all things Mac, but despite years of PC only, I finally swing both ways, as it were. Anywho, the main reason I got myself a Mac was because I want to make apps for my beloved iPod Touch. This is going well, but as I use my iPod during the day at work and then have it connected while debugging my apps, the thing insists on recharging itself. The practice of not fully discharging a battery before recharging can cause battery life to decrease sooner than normal and even (possibly?) decrease the overall battery life.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to turn this recharge when connected off? Maybe a setting in iTunes or (more likely, perhaps) a setting on the iPod itself?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Seems it is a bit like battery Calibrate with a Laptop - see Apple - Batteries - iPhone so i guess if u do that once or twice a month then your top up charging should be OK

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    That is some good advice for battery lifespan. Thanks very much for the link.

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