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    charging while in Europe
    I recently purchased an iPod Touch. I also purchased a USB power adapter.

    I am traveling to Europe in a few weeks and am wondering how I can charge the unit. I am wondering if I can plug the USB power adapter into a European plug adapter (not transformer) in order to charge my iPod?

    I purchased the 'World Travel Adapter Kit' in order to charge an older model of iPod. This kit is useless with the new iPod as there is no interface between the travel kit plug adapter and the USB cable from the iPod.

    I notice that the USB Power Adapter sold in Europe is used in conjunction with the world kit. Does this European adapter step up/down voltage or is it simply a plug adapter? ie. does the iPod recognize which voltage is being used to charge?

    Very frustrating!

    Any suggestions?

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    All iPod / iPhone power adapters adjust to voltage automatically, so you can use them anywhere.

    The original Apple power adapters have plugs on the front that you can just pull off. Remove the US plug and you should be able to stick a european plug on the front.

    If you don't have an original Apple power adapter, just grab a plug converter from any airport or travel store.

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    You could also go to and buy a "European Type Optional AC Charger for Apple iPods and Iphone 4G with Dock Connector (White)". It took me a while to find this, but at a price of $5.92 which includes shipping overseas, the choice was easy.

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    You don't say which country you're in to start with!

    But a simple pin adaptor with a euro male 2 pin and female input pins (insert your countries plug type here) will work as Aptmunich stated not transformer etc required, just a change of pin layout.

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