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    iPod to iPhoto transfer
    Recently my hard drive crashed and I did not have my iPhoto library backed up. All photos are currently on my iPod though. I've read some previous posts on the forum as to how to make the switch, and unfortunately I'm still running into some difficulties. So here are the specifics:

    -I have the iPod Classic 120gig, hard disk enabled
    -Currently running 10.5.7
    -When I open the photo folder within the iPod classic it is being shown as a Unix file. When I double click the Photo Data base icon (within the Photo folder) this is what it's telling me:

    Last login: Mon Jun 1 23:23:36 on ttys000
    /Volumes/Anthony\ \ Orsino’s\ iPod/Photos/Photo\ Database ; exit;
    c-98-237-20-118:~ anthonyorsino$ /Volumes/Anthony\ \ Orsino’s\ iPod/Photos/Photo\ Database ; exit;
    -bash: /Volumes/Anthony Orsino’s iPod/Photos/Photo Database: cannot execute binary file

    [Process completed]

    -I've tried to use Senuti, but that hasn't rectified the situation either.

    Basically I'm not sure as to how to proceed. Any solution to this would be greatly appreciated for some of these photos are very dear to me.

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