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    iPod Music To iTunes
    Recently all my music off my i tunes was wiped off but my i pod still has my music on so i was wondering if you could put music from your i pod back on to i tunes. could u tell me the best program to download thanks.

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    There's a free program called Senuti that will do this for you.

    (That's iTunes backwards, since it's doing the opposite of what iTunes was designed to do, they're so clever!)

    edit: Wow, it's only free for 30 days now. Luckily, you'll only need it for about an hour. Senuti - Download

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    There are also free alternatives to Senuti that work just as good (maybe better), such as Expod and iPodDisk.
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    I found if the music was bought with your iTunes account it would sync it automatically back on? We found it happened when we plugged in our iPods on other computers, it just synced the music we didn't have onto it. Very neat

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    I used a software called Music Rescue when I got my Macbook pro and wanted to transfer songs. Works quite well, the only annoyance is that every 10 min a window pops up telling you "It only costs 10 dollars to license it" You don't need to though, just press okay and it continues. I transfered all of my songs and videos with it.

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