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    My school so happy
    my school[before i went there] had only macs but over time it has became that we have 4 macs in it 1 powermac g4,1 imacG3 and 2 powermac G3,The rest are pc [3 computer labs plus in 2-7 in classrooms full of pc]
    My new spainish teahcer is a mac user and a few months ago got the leader of the computers in my school to go visit a school were each student has to have an ipod for school. The students can buy them or rent them from the school for the year.He has now got my school to order 20 ipod!!!! They ipods will be used for foregein langueges,the ipods will be 20 gigs 4th generation,they will have voice recorders so we can practice talking spainsih,french and latin out loud. Im hoping if this ipod thing works out then i can get another ipod for school!!And maybe my school next time they need new computers will look at mac mini or a powermac[not all-in-ones] because we have so many screens from dell. That would so great!!! macs in school

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    looks like your school has money to spend.

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    ya the price is lower to go to my school than other private school in the area,, if the ipods pay off then im happy my school becomes more macish if not then perhaps i could get an ipod 4th generation from my school in a few years..

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    that is so awesome. i wish my school did that, but we are poor, lol

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