I need to replace a part in an Ipod Itouch 2nd gen but I do not know or cannot find the correct name of the part.

The part in question is the plastic clip/attachment that keeps the digitizer touch glass and button in place. When you crack the 2nd gen itouch open, it's what keeps the top part attached to the metal backside.

The plastic piece lines the edge of the Itouch and is the piece that keeps the button in place beneath the digitizer/touch glass/lens.

If the digitizer lens is separated properly, the piece in question is the plastic attached to the bottom of it.

I ordered the lens but it does not come with the plastic part that keeps it attached to the metal backing. I need the correct name in order to order some replacements

I called Apple, I talked to two regular techs and 2 hardware specialists....the best I got was that it was called the Upper Enclosure or Top Enclosure.

I've searched ifixit, macforums, and several other other sites but just can't seem tofind it.

Sorry for being redundant but I want people to clearly understand what I am talking about and not have them guess.