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jpark325 05-04-2009 07:25 AM

quick question on apple care
I am thinking about purchasing apple care, is it worth it for the battery alone?
I was advised to buy the battery and wait until the two year period nears.
Or is that just a sales ploy, that salesman tend to use?

IvanP09 05-21-2009 04:23 AM

I don't fully understand what you're trying to say. What is this "two years" you're talking about? You only have one year after buying the iPod to purchase AppleCare and regardless of when you buy it - whether it's the day you buy the iPod or the day before the warranty expires - it will still cover the exact same amount of time (the extended AppleCare will still come into effect the day that the initial 1 year warranty that all iPods have expires).

So basically if you buy it now or in several months it won't really matter, it'll still expire on the exact same day regardless.

Eric559 05-21-2009 04:35 AM

Please search the forums as there is MANY topic discussing Apple Care and its benefits.

You have one year to purchase Apple Care. Your battery is covered by the one year warranty that comes with your computer. If your battery messes up during that year take it in and you get a new one. Apple Care extends your warranty for another two years (making it three years total). Batteries shouldn't really mess up within that first year though.

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