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Thread: Transfer songs from ipod to laptop

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    Transfer songs from ipod to laptop
    Hi, I've got an ipod classic and I recently got a new macbook pro. There are some songs on the ipod that I do not have on my desktop anymore, but would like to transfer from the ipod to the laptop. I can only transfer itunes purchases from the ipod to the new laptop, which I have already done, but nothing else.
    How do I go about transferring this?
    many thanks

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    Have you tried searching the forums?
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    It's only the internet!

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    Give Senuti a try

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kash View Post
    Give Senuti a try
    Thanks for the tip to Senuti to transfer from ipod to Mac. Very easy to use, worked like a charm and had the best trial version I've found with 1,000 songs instead of 100 songs.

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