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    The Applecare protection plan has been launched for the iPhone in the UK TODAY! I have just been contacted by the AppleCare outbound sales team and set mine up for a BARGAIN 59 for 2 years!! I believe its for the iPhone
    3G and like the mac's can only be purchesed within the 1st year. Contact Number 01344 325 618.

    Applecare for the iPhone has been released today into the UK market, I received a call today from the Applecare Team and set it up for 59 for two years, their contact nuimber was 01344 325 618.

    You can now purchase the Apple care for your iPhone in the UK, it has been released today and i hot a call from their friendly Applecare team their telephone number is 01344325618. definately worth the purchese, you get a replacement if it stops working, costs 59...BARGAIN!!

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    If this is something you want to get set up, please do contact this number 01344325618 i believe they are giving a promotional discount today and tomorrow!!

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