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    iPod connecting to the TV... HELP!!
    Hi guys, I have the old 60gb iPod (about 2 years old, 4th gen I think) and I have just bought the componant AV cable from the apple store (Here) and tried to connect it to my samsung HDTV.

    For some reason, it doesn't appear on my TV and sometimes it just comes up with 'not compatible'. As far as I know my TV is definetly HD (not the FULL 1080p though) as I have played my Xbox through componant and my PS3 through HDMI.

    Also, if I take out the green cable, and swap them around, I can get the image crystal clear in either black and white, green or red. But then as soon as I put the cables in the right order, no picture just sound!

    What is the problem? Is it my iPod? My TV?

    Thanks for any help guys!!

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    Please see the following note from your link:

    Note: Component video output to television is supported by iPod nano (3rd and 4th generation), iPod touch (2nd generation), and iPod classic at 480p or 576p resolution; and by iPod touch (1st generation), iPhone, and iPhone 3G at 480i or 576i resolution.
    You will notice the previous gen iPod is not listed among the supported devices. As far as I am aware, with the older iPods, you need a standard composite (RCA; red, white, & yellow) connector similar to this.
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