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    my g4 ipod is dying:(
    hi, i have a g4 ipod that is VERY special to me.

    like this one:

    i use a mac at home but i went to my parents house for the weekend where they use windows XP, my ipod worked fine in both disk mode and normal mode. i put some films on there in disk mode to take home with me and put some new albums on there. it still worked fine.

    but then it stopped working although fully charged the low battery symbol was stuck on the screen, sometimes it would be an apple logo stuck on the screen for ages and occationly a sad ipod would appear.

    for a while it would still go onto disk mode, but now its not even doing that

    i really really really dont want this ipod to be broken, it has alot of sentimental value please help!

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    Are you able to boot into diagnostic mode?

    (If not there isn't much hope)

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    Do you hear the hard drive? Any clicking sounds coming from it?
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    Well, in the worst case scenario, you can replace your battery/hard drive/logic board/faceplate and keep the back plate (if it's an engraving that you're attached to). You can replace parts in it and still have it be "your" old iPod.

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