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    one Ipod, two computers
    Ive got an ipod which I have synced up to my PC at home. thats where I get all my music from.

    However, I use a mac at work, and i have some music on there that i wish to put on my ipod. can i plug the ipod in or will it not like being plugged into a mac?

    It is set to manual.

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    Both will work fine. If anything your Touch will love the Mac more. ;-)

    You should read up on here or other places how to set the iPod for syncing on the computer(s) that is/are NOT your primary one. Don't worry about screwing it up when trying as you will always have the info on the base machine or home machine you are using.

    One word of advice however on this process. IF you EVER purchase music directly on the iPod through iTunes Store - to save the extra step of having to contact Apple to find your missing content if you sync to any other computer other than the BASE you are using - sync the Touch to the BASE computer FIRST before the other one(s). I have done this like three times and it may be fixed however it was something that I avoid doing.

    Then you can TRANSFER purchases to the secondary or other computers, once you authorize them. (You can learn more about this on Apple's page).


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    You'll always be fine as long as you have all your music backed up somewhere. Even if they get deleted off iPod you can put them back on.

    I have all mine set to manual too. Our early model iPods are formatted for PC. When we got this previously owned iMac I wanted to put some songs on that were on the iMac. Unfortunately, when I hooked one up to the iMac it deleted all the other songs, left their folders in place, but did put the new songs on. I put the original songs back on with the PC, but it was still alarming to see all the old songs listed, but having none play.

    I am not saying this will happen to you, I'm only saying this did happen to me. I am new to iMacs so most likely I did something very wrong.
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