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    Noise Canceling Earbuds
    Does anyone have any recommendations for a pair of noise-canceling earbuds? I have read positive reviews on Audio Technica and Sony on Amazon, but I am not sure which is the better of the two or if there are any others I should consider. The Sony and Audio Technica buds cost about the same.


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    Unfortunately for you, you'll get many different opinions and some may be contradictory. Nonetheless, I have a pair of Skullcandy NC earbuds and they work pretty well. My only reservation is that it keeps coming loose from my left ear but that may be due to the location of my ipod when I walk (or something with my ear).

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    I have a pair of Shure headphones. It came with several different sets of buds and I now have the perfect fit. As far as noise cancelling, when I fly, I can be sitting right on the wing and I can't hear the engine noise at all.
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    I have a pair of shures also. I love how the block of everything except the loudest noise (even then only a whisper gets in). My only beef is flying with them, more accurate would be depending with them. I forgot to take them out while descending into orlando last fall and nearly popped my sinuses. The pressure in my ear and sinuses increased as we descended and all hurt like a SOB. I had to pop them out of my ears right away or could have done damage. The were great for listening to audiobooks while flying though.

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    Do you know the model number of Shure buds? I would like to read more about them.

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    shure e2c's is what i have, they're awesome and i can't hear anything while walking in traffic. you can find them between $70 and $100. i think they're known as scl2 now though.

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