I posted early about my iPod being a little flaky, but it is still continuing. I've only had it for a month and it has been acting very flaky. Twice during the month is just shuts itself on and off without me even using it, and if I try to use it it will go to the "slide to power down screen" while I'm trying to read RSS feeds, or other things. Then it starts shutting on and off. Sometimes the volume will go haywire and will go all the way up with me even touching it and won't go back down until I restart it. I am not sure what to do about this? The two times it has happened are when I was trying to get VERY tight cases off, and because I had an invisible shield on there it was doubly difficult to get off. So I dripped a LITTLE water down the back of the case (there were sliders so there was a slight gap in the back), and finally got the case off. Do you think water could have gotten in to the controls and made it go weird since these are the ONLY times this has happened? Each time I restored it to factory settings and let it sit overnight and it was fine the next day. Do you think I should call Apple or do you think it could just be a bit of moisture in there? If you have any insights I'd really appreciate them!