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    iPod car holder
    I just bought a new Honda Civic and it has an AUX input that I'll be using with my iPod. I want something that will hold my iPod... but not connect it to my stereo. Basically just an iPod holder! I can't find anything like it... they're all expensive connectors. Any ideas? i was thinking maybe an easy fix would just be to buy some velcro and put it on my dash but I'd like to avoid that if possible.

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    Some time ago I saw a ad for a special pad (like a mousepad). The surface of the pad has a special covering in order that your ipod sticks on the pad. You can lay the pad on your dash and and the ipod on top of it. Unfortunately I don't know where you can this special pad. Hope I have helped you although.

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    I have an '09 Civic, and honestly, I just put it in that little change holder thats in front of the cup holders in the center console. Get a cover for it so it won't get scratched up and voila!
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