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    Whether or not to get an 8GB iPod Touch?
    I currently have an Ipod Mini and have been debateing for some time now whether or not to get an 8GB Ipod Touch. The #1 reason holding me back is the $$$$. For those of you that have an Ipod Touch, is it worth the $$? My friend was telling me that it is alot more than just an MP3 player. Any comments would be great - thanks!

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    Is it just being primarily used as a DAP? If my friend told me "It's a lot more than an mp3 player" it becomes a negative to me, I don't want bells and whistles with my DAP (battery life shortened, everything is done "okay" rather than "great", the list goes on).

    If you want better sound quality, Samsung's P3 is either here or coming very soon. Cowon S9 has better sound quality (by a freaking mile) and uses an OLED screen. It beats the iPod touch in almost every aspect. iPod will usually always wins with 3rd party help and those other things.

    Here's a very good review that remains unbiased. Apple iPod touch 2G vs. Cowon S9 vs. Samsung P3

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    I have an Ipod touch and love it, I originally wanted the phone but didn't have at&t at the time. It is great! It syncs with my mac's calender, to-do list, contacts, let alone ichat. The games are amazing, too! There is an apt for everything too. I have one for Skype that I can make phone calls on! yes phone calls on my Ipod touch for *free*.

    They are way more than a cool mp3 player!

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