I have owned my 32gb iTouch for approx 1 year now. At first the wireless connection was faultless and downloading from itunes store, youtube and browsing on safari was excellent.

Recently the wireless connectivity meter has intermittently changed for no reason. When I am not using anything that requires the wireless (movie/music) the meter stays at the same signal level.

As soon as I start to use safari/youtube it starts the search/load of the item... loads about 1/10th (youtube) or 1/2 of it (safari) then the signal level shoots to maximum and the ipod will lock up for a good while (sometimes 2 to 3 minutes).

It is the most evident on whilst using youtube as it will start the vid... then the swirly "hourglass" will start... it will download about 1/10th of the file... the signal meter will go to full and the download will stop but the movie will continue to play until the end... then it will lock up.

If you then press the <- "back" arrow it will pause for a few seconds.. return to the youtube list and a big mute/unmute symbol appears followed by an audible click through the headphones.

The signal level will then go back to 2 or 1 and can go back to downloading the movie file.

As you can imagine this is really annoying.

Anyone else had this type of problem?

btw... I have done the factory reset, upgraded the firmware correctly, wiped any non-standard applications and redownloaded my music/movies.

Nothing seems to make a difference.