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    iPod Shuffle $60 (Not literally)
    I needed to get a new set of head phones for my iPod cause there falling I figured let me go onto the website and price them..$40 for the earphones and the remote..well when I got my first iPod there was a deal with the 20 GB that gave me all of that..I happen to see the iPod shuffle came with earphones so if you think about it the shuffle is only $ i bought the shuffle and I'll use those earphones for both of my iPods (=

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    well your kinda off, its more like 80 bucks.

    As 40 dollars was earphones and remote, you aren't getting a remote this time so only 20 bucks off.

    So this is how i priced my 1GB shuffle.
    139 (ED discount) - 20 bucks = 119 bucks. Rip apple off for another headphones -20
    = 99 bucks. Hey same price as the 512MB

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