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Thread: Thinking about getting ipod 40GB 4G Need info....HELP.....

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    Thinking about getting ipod 40GB 4G Need info....HELP.....
    How long does the battery last, meaning before it is dead and needs to be replaced? Should I buy it from Apple and get the $30 discount and Apple Care or should I get it from Best Buy and get their protection plan. I like it since it is more than just a music player. Should I get the 20GB or the 40GB? $100 less for the 20gig and I never even used up 20GB on my old PC so is the 20gigs a big difference?

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    I suggest buying it from circuit city if you have one around you, and theirs lasts for a long time, with a whole ipod replacement after the battery life gets down to 75% I believe. I have had my ipod for 2 years and its running fine.

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    I would go the cheapest route.

    An extended warranty (whether it's AppleCare or Best Buy's "replacement" plan) is not worth it for an iPod, IMHO. If it fails, it will most likely fail in the first year while it's still under warranty.

    Also be aware that Best Buy's program does not replace the unit-- they give you a depreciated credit towards what they have in stock at the time you make your claim-- it's definitely not like AppleCare. Plus it's a serious hassle to make a claim.

    I have a 3rd generation 15 GB iPod and the battery is fine after daily use for over a year.

    As for 20 GB vs. 40 GB-- that's your call. If you think your music collection will grow exponentially or you plan on using the iPod as an external drive to move files around, then definitely get the 40. Otherwise, it sounds to me that the 20 will be fine.

    Good luck!

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    Definitely buy it from Best Buy and get their replacement plan. This plan has been a godsent to me. I've literally been through 3 iPods up until the one I currently own, and it's all thanks to that replacement plan.

    You see, I bought a 20 gig 3rd gen like 2 months before the new ones came out ( with a lower price mind you) and obviously that is something to be upset over. So I cracked open the 3rd gen, disconnected the power, put it together and returned it. Now by this time the 3rd gens were completely phased out, so they had to give me a 4th gen, plus whatever the difference in price was between what I paid for the 20 gig 3rd gen, and what the new 20 gig 4th gens cost.

    Since then I have gone through 2 other 20 gig 4th gens due to them having minor little problems such as loose click wheels, etc. But I'll tell you, nothing beats knowing that at any time if anything were to go wrong I could just bring it in with my replacement plan and all would be ok. The best part is that the plan transfers over, so the plan I had on the 3rd gen is the same plan I have now, which is 3 years long.

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    I like the 3rd generation ipod more than the 4th generation looks cooler,i thiink the click weel looked better on the ipod Mini not on the normal ipod

    when it coms to the 20 vs 40 it is all up to ur itunes library how many songs. If you have near 3000 right now go 40gig if you have 2000< and do not grow in songs much go 20 gig.

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