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    iPod touch- games from app store
    I downloaded 3 games from the app store in Itunes into my Itunes account (they are listed under applications) my question is? how do I get them onto my iPod Touch???? I have tried plugging in my iPod and then going to applications, I see the games there but they are not downloading onto my iPod, once I am in applications there is not an option to sync them or anything like that..I even tried double clicking on the games and nothing happens... can someone please help???

    Thanks so much

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    They should just come over when you synch your iPod (in the normal manner, like synching music). Is there a check box next to the game in Applications? If so, you should check it before synching. Otherwise, you may need to contact iTunes or Apple support, if your iPod is under warranty or if you have Applecare. Sorry, it's been a while since I got new applications, but I don't recall having any problems getting them onto my iPod. Also, are you sure that the icons on not on a second page of you Home screen? Swipe your finger to the left on the Home Screen to see.

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