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    Ipod account transfer
    Hello, I am new to this forum and don't know much about Ipods...I have a question and hope that someone can assist me. I had an Ipod nano and had my account set up in Itunes etc... I recently got a new Ipod (touch) and re-registered my new Ipod into Itunes and downloaded my new music etc... everything was good... then my son wanted my old Ipod (nano) but he did not want my music that I had on it, so we plugged it in to our Mac computer so that we can register that Ipod under his name, but when we plugged it in- my old Itunes account came up. My question is how do we get the Ipod nano un-registered out of my name so that we can register it under my son's name so that he can download his own music??? I am afraid that if I plug in the Ipod nano and erase the old account that was created I will loose the current account that I created for my new Ipod touch??? I hope I am making sense... can someone please let me know if I plug in the nano and erase the account will I loose my account that was created for the Ipod touch?

    Thanks so much for any assistance...

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    Plug in the iPod, highlight in iTunes and select "Restore" This will erase the iPod and put it back in it's "out of the box" state. You can then re-register it and associate it with his iTunes account.

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    Thank You so much, I will try this

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