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Thread: Even out sound level on Ipod problems

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    Even out sound level on Ipod problems
    Well as you all might already know sound check is miserable on every iPod i've owned, but the problem is when i go in and set volume gains for individual songs to even out the levels, those changes don't get uploaded into the ipod? Is this a known problem and what is the solution or is there one? It's a real problem when im playing music at church during prayer and some songs are considerably louder than others! Im also not sure if song start and stop times translate over either? and crossfade doesn't translate over either? hopefully someone has a solution for these problems? btw, this is on an 80gb classic, but im sure its a problem on all ipods

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    all the intelligent people on here and nobody knows how to correct these problems? bummer

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    When you go in to set volume gains, you are doing just that. Adjusting the volume output from your computer. It does not change the actual file in any way.

    The original file is being moved to your iPod. Not the settings related to play back on your computer.

    The iPod is not really designed to be a professional level playback device.

    For the work you are doing, you really should take your Mac (at least I'm assuming you're using a Mac) and use it for that type of playback to provide the control you need in that setting.

    If you want to use an iPod for this type of thing, you'll need do some advance work and planning by importing each song into an app that allows you the ability to adjust the volume levels and then save (re-encode) the file with those settings. This way you have control to make the adjustments to the files themselves. This will also take some practice and skill. The option above really is the better way to go. Forget the iPod for this type of use.
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    no, im not using a mac. i dont own a mac for that matter. just thought there was a "fix" for some of the problems ive had on all the ipods ive owned. its somewhat of an inconvenience to haul around a computer all the time when all i need it for at church is for control of a few playlists. oh well i guess

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