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    ipod photo not syncing to old computer
    i bought a new computer running 10.5 and moved all my songs from my ipod (which was previously syncing with a computer that had 10.2) to the new computer and started syncing with the new computer. turns out the new computer was faulty and i had to send it back until a replacement arrives. now, for lots of reasons i wont get into, i want to sync my ipod with my old computer, but when i plug it in nothing happens...anything i can do to get it to sync with the old mac again?

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    It might be that you've maxed out the number of sync-able iPods to that computer and when you connected it to the new computer, it refreshed its IP address and now it's un-sync-able to that computer.

    I solution would be to wipe all record of previous registered iPods on the computer.
    I'm not positive as to how you would go about doing this on OS X, but perhaps someone else would know?

    Or, that may not be the problem, try resetting your iPod.

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