Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I didn't see a specific iTunes sub-forum.

I currently have all my media on an internal file storage drive separate from the XP OS HDD. At this point, I have no redundancy if there were to be a failure and I'm starting to run out of space. I'm looking to pick up two WD 1TB HDD's and run them in RAID 1. The problem becomes moving all my media from the old HDD to the new RAID configuration.

I do not let iTunes manager my media and it's set up specifically for my needs. For example, music is in one folder, videos in another organized by sub-folders of the TV show or movie name, pictures in another folder also organized by sub-folders, etc.

All of the "moving to a new HDD" tutorials I've read, say you have to consolidate your media into one folder before you can move and relink the files. I realize that if I were to use the same path for the media such as E: \Media\.... when installing the new RAID array, there wouldn't be a problem. But what if I want to run the new array as D: \Media\....?

Is there a way to do this without consolidation of the media? Currently the library file is on the OS drive, so that won't need to be moved.