I had just connected my 3G 20GB iPod to my iMac G5, and when trying to eject it, my Mac froze. Completely! I rebooted my Mac, reset my iPod, entered the diagnostics mode and tried to do a HD scan, but the only thing that appeared on its screen was "START . . . . "

Then, I reset my iPod again, but this time I entered the HD scan directly by pressing FF, REW, Menu and Action. I was worried because the progress bar wouldn't fill up, but I looked now and I just saw it now has a tiny strip appearing. Anyone knows how much does a HD scan to a 20 gigger take?

By the way, when I rebooted my Mac, and iTunes detected the iPod, it tried to associate it with its library, as if the iPod was just taken out of the box. However, when I disconnected the iPod, all my stuff was there, accessible as usual. What does this mean? Will I have to reformat it??