WOW.. has anyone seen this Japanese brand's attempt at an iDocking station? Very retro, sleek ... it looks great. As with all these 'design' companies though, was curious if anyone knows about the sound quality. Looks like the company specialises in a whole host of designer items including calculators and air filters (ahem, i guess not simply music specialists, then). Costs around $700, so before i throw down and look like the coolest kid in town, i wanna dble check when i place my iphone in there that it was well worth the spend from the sound side.

most of the info out there in english is sparse, and the rest is in japanese. saw one while cruising the streets of Hong Kong. image wise its a no-brainer, just hoping the rest falls into place. Thanks for all the thought...

called the Amadana AD203
amadana AD203 デスクトップオーディオ2