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    i have 8 gb 3rd generation nano. ipod says my files are full, it shows i have used 5.79 (1421 songs) if my math formula is correct a 8 gb should have 7.45.
    i have no art work, no videos, no art work no anything but music, does the itune software take up 1.66? it seems a lot but the Ipod world is fairly new to me. so new that when you advertise up to 2000 songs for an 8gb i believed that was what i was buying or at least close to it.


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    The 2,000 songs statement was made under the assumption that all songs will average four minutes in length. It is likely that a lot of your music exceeds four minutes in length.
    As for your system, in my experience, it will take up aproximately half a GB of disk space.

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