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    alternatives to itrip
    so i got the black itrip for my ipod today. this thing sucks, i'm very disappointed.

    do you guys have any other suggestions of good fm transmitters for the ipod?

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    there's a model by belkin that you can get that works great. as far as a wireless transmitter, it's the best route to go. however, it will set you back $89.99.

    you can also get an ipod usb installed directly into your stereo system for pretty cheap, and the sound quality is unmatched by any transmitter. it'll also charge your ipod.

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    I personally use a cassette adapter in my car, it is MUCH better that an FM transmitter.

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    My recommendation, seriously, is to -- if you have a cassette player in your car -- go with TheInvsbleMan's opinion, or if you don't, then invest a few bucks in a car stereo that has RCA inputs (or even an iPod dock). You can usually find some good ones on sale at Best Buy for maybe thirty or forty bucks more than you'd pay for a transmitter. Worth it, if you ask me, as you won't get the unpredictable transmission quality.

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    Griffin Roadtrip. Brilliant.

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