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    MacBook/iPod trouble
    I just bought a MacBook and I loaded all my music onto iTunes. I have an 80 gig iPod classic, which has work flawlessly since day one. When I hooked it up to my new laptop, I did the reset to factory settings and tried to update it. Every time, the update stales at some random point. When i try to eject the iPod, it freezes iTunes. I have tried doing a 'force quit' on iTunes and then ejecting the iPod through the control panel. This freezes the computer. However, if I just unplug the iPod without ejecting it, the laptop tells me I should not do it but the laptop/iTunes works fine after. I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes and that didn't work. The kicker is that my fiance has an older iPod. She has a couple gig nano and she has had the fluid, problem free experience I thought I would finally have after dropping a thousand dollars on this laptop. Every other time that I have had a problem with my old non-Mac, the answer I always received was "just get a mac, it'll be soooo much easier". Well it hasn't been any easier for me. Can anyone please help me!?!?!?!?!

    Oh yeah, for got to mention that I am using the connecter cable that cam with my iPod.


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    when the update stalls, how much time is passing? my ipod touch can take up to 30 min. to update.

    as long as you're ipod isn't doing anything, (importing music, exporting music, etc.) unplugging it without ejecting has never been a problem for me in the 4 years i've owned an ipod. even though it prompts you not to.

    i'd say, try reseting your ipod, (toggle between HOLD and off HOLD 3x, then press and hold menu and center button for about 10 sec. or until ipod resets) then try the update again. if that doesn't work, take it into the apple store where they have ways of reseting the software of the device with their computers.

    on another note, i recommend restoring and updating your ipod on another computer. i formated my ipod to my girlfriends pc while i was in the middle of replacing my macs hard drive. and it works fine on my mac.

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