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    Angry iPod 120gb Classic freezes in middle of sync?
    My iPod classic that I have recently just bought offline for a reasonable price is now failing me. I have reformatted, resest, etc...almost everything you can do to revive a jacked up iPod. Nothing seems to fix this problem. Any suggestions? While I try to add songs manually or sync it will stop syncing after a couple hundred songs or so.

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    Did you ever get this figured out? I have a 160G iPod Classic just 6 months old and bought new and I suddenly am having major problems with it. I posted here a few days ago. I've done EVERYTHING you can imagine to try to fix. I even got a replacement iPod from Apple. Not believing I could have 2 bad units in a row I am down to blaming iTunes!
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    Same issue....
    Hi, its been a while since you posted ,but Just wanted to reply,and find out what you have done with your i pod. Mine did the same. it loads up to certain GB amount,then it sais unable to read or write to this ipod. it sticks at exactly 52,15 gb free space then ticks off. warranty is of course old by now. my friends are saying : ha ,shouldnt have sold your soul to the devil. have you been able to resolve your issue with it?

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    Hi, yes, my issue was resolved, but it took a lot of patience and you can tell your friend because I'm sure there was nothing wrong with the original iPod! It had to be a synching/iTunes issue.

    I just had to be patient and sync little by little. To be safe I would eject iPod after several minutes to allow library to close itself up, if that's what it does.

    Additionally, I'm suspecting the files were never wiped off, even when iPod main screen said 'no music' and 'no podcasts' because when I looked on settings > about (on iPod itself), I could see the amount of video, audio being taken up. A subsequent sync would suddenly show all those files again, so all that reformatting I did just made me have to start all over without necessity. So check the settings > about before you reformat the iPod.

    One thing which might have added to my problem is that my PC's USB doesn't seem to be running as 2.0 speed, even though I made sure and re-installed the upgrade to 2.0 software. Everything synched NOTICEABLY faster and with little hassles when I synched with my laptop at 2.0 speed.

    So I synched it on laptop until all done, then backed up all my 'my music' (includes ALL iTunes, Podcasts, and music files) to external HDD, transferred those to my PC and sync with PC just fine now.

    I hope that helps. I'd still like to know for SURE what caused all this problem! I know exactly what caused it on mine...........iIt all started when a podcast I download every day suddenly reset something on their server, which caused it to reset their podcast dates, making hundreds of them visible on iTunes. Since I had iTunes setting to 'download all' podcasts it did and that's when the wheels came off.
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