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Tetleycat 01-20-2009 09:09 AM

Can't play on a TV with Av cables!!
Just got a 2G Ipod Touch and want to play movies on a TV. ( I spend a lot of time in hotels).

Bought the Apple Composite Av cables (white,red and yellow) for 28, but when I connect the Touch to my Samsung HDTV, I cannot get a picture or sound. It still plays on the Touch so I think it's a settings issue, but there is only a NTSC/PAL setting on the TV Out setting page on the Touch.
I'll ber trying it on another TV later to see if it's the Touch or my TV but thought I throw it out there first to see if anybody else has had issues.

Any thoughts?

I did see one forum suggestion that advised mixing up the cable colours (red to yellow, yellow to white and white to red) but I can't imagine that would work.

P.S. I have selected the correct AV input on my TV before anybody suggests that :)

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